Chinese publisher Rekoo wants to mine western content to bring back home

January 16, 2014
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Rekoo revealed the deal to Pocket Gamer, saying it can offer "the best possible publishing deals" for western studios who want to expand their content to the "complex" mobile and tablet games market in China.

The partnership with Supersolid, which will see the studio's social game Adventure Town published in China, is just the first of many, the publisher said. To that end it's opened a London studio as well.

"We are taking top European games and helping those companies expand into the Chinese market," RekooCFO Lisa Pan told the site. "Rekoo will be covering marketing, localisation and monetization costs and an agreed revenue share with each developer. This benefits the games developers especially if they don't have sufficient funds or the right contacts in China."

It will be interesting to see what developers jump on board and take advantage of Rekoo's undertaking.


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