Chitika: iPad generates a whopping 78% of Web traffic, Kindle Fire see growth

July 22, 2014

The report gives the iPad its first quarter-over-quarter Web usage gain since June of last year. Chitika gives partial credit for the growth in iPad’s Web usage stats to broader iPad sales distribution, specifically that Costco is now selling Apple’s tablet (as well as the iPhone) for the first time in over a year as well as other promotional offers.

Similarly, Amazon has been offering a series of promotions designed to spur Kindle Fire sales, pushing the tablet into second place ahead of Samsung in Web usage. Amazon’s Kindle Fire checks in at a modest 7.3% in Web usage compared to iPad’s 78% while Samsung has dropped to 6.3%, Google only 2.1% and Microsoft barely registering at 1.4%. 

The iPad and Kindle Fire saw Web usage growth of 0.8 and 1.2% respectively since April, 2014, but the iPad actually had an even bigger share a year ago at 83.6%. The stats are based on Web usage across Chitika’s ad network.

Verizon’s Ellipsis tablet

Chitika ranks Verizon’s branded 4G-enabled Ellipsis tablet, launched late last year, as the most impressive tablet newcomer with an 0.4% share after 8 months on the market (topping brands like Motorola). Verizon offers the Ellipsis for “free” with a two-year contract. 


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