CIOs polarized by tablets in business but some view them as laptop replacements

March 8, 2013

The study, which took in the views of 500 CIOs, discovered that half of these folk wanted to embrace tablets because their form factor made them more appropriate for hot-desking schemes.

[Edit: Hot-desking usually involves multiple employees using the same workstation during different times of the weeks, often in a bid to save costs.]

In truth though, the Virgin Media Business study had a mixed message on tablets in business.

Approximately 43% of surveyed CIOs believed that removing tablets would have no impact on their business, although another 15% claimed that they could operate their business without a laptop or PC. “We’re at a crossroads about which office hardware to invest in next,” said Duncan Higgins, director of product and marketing at Virgin Media Business.

“Clearly there’s a shift away from PCs, but it’s not clear yet if tablets are the heir apparent. Half of the market seems to be in favour of them, and the other half wouldn’t even notice if they weren’t around anymore.”

“What we can say is that businesses want hardware that’ll free them from their traditional IT shackles. They want their workforce to be more flexible, and they want their business to be able to implement change more quickly.

"It strongly hints at a move towards mobile technology but it’s up for grabs at the moment if this will be answered by tablets, laptops, or a hybrid of both.”


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