Citrix brings ShareFile to Windows 8 tablets & PCs

February 12, 2013

Aiming to give enterprise users a more secure, full-featured alternative to DropBox and other file and content-sharing services, Citrix has released ShareFile for Windows 8.

The new app integrates directly with the Windows 8 charms bar for easy access to Search, Share and Settings functions. Other features include remote wipe if a device is lost or stolen, offline access to downloaded files and the ability for IT administrators to control and audit access.

But product manager Peter Schulz says Citrix has done a lot of work to find what it says is an appropriate balance between a consumer-friendly file sharing service and the needs of IT. 

“ShareFile doesn’t go as far as some other products where everything is locked down and users don’t like it,” Schulz told TabTimes. “The useful IT features are there, like encryption and granular permissions and remote wipe, but we’ve kept it easy to use with single sign-on, some unique things like a plug-in for Outlook and support for a variety of other platforms.”

Companies and individuals can also add a personal branding to their ShareFile accounts.

Already available for iOS and Android, Schulz says ShareFile supports about  60 different file formats for viewing documents including Office and PDFs.

“We’re seeing a lot of interest in Windows 8 devices, more on the Pro side as companies are looking to upgrade from earlier versions like Windows XP,’ said Schulz.

The ShareFile for Windows 8 app has been designed for both Windows 8 as well as Surface RT and other Windows RT devices.

Available now at the Windows Store, ShareFile pricing starts $29.95 per user, per month with 5GB of storage, unlimited client users, telephone and email support and encrypted transfer and storage. The Professional version ($59.95 /month) doubles the storage, and adds an Outlook and Desktop plug-in. Additional Corporate and Enterprise pricing plans are available.


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