Citrix expands cloud support of native iOS and Android apps for mobile

July 31, 2012
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The new release adds “MDX mobile experience technology” that gives IT centralized management, security and control over native iOS, Android and HTML 5 apps which, combined, are present on over two billion mobile devices.

Citrix is also touting the fact that the new CloudGateway 2 release adds integration with Citrix ShareFile, the company's cloud-based file sharing and sync service.

Taken together, Citrix says the new additions make CloudGateway the first product in the industry to offer a single unified control point for all mobile, web, SaaS and Windows apps and data, across any mix of corporate and personal devices.

The news comes at a time when CIOs and IT are having to deal with a growing number of mobile devices in the enterprise, including the so-called BYOD trend where employees are using their own devices in the office or workplace.

“From the executive suite on down, CIOs are being pressured to support any kind of device and, in a lot of cases, from thousands of locations,” said Forrester analyst Simon Yates in a Citrix-sponsored webinar earlier today. Yates notes that support is far from trivial when you factor in management and security issues and limited budgets to invest more in IT.

When it comes to tablets, Yates said the iPad will continue to be the most popular device as far out as 2016, but he expects Android, custom Android and Windows 8 tablets to start gaining in the coming years, particularly in the enterprise. 

"It's a huge wave they [IT] needs to be ready for," said Yates.

Citrix General Manager Sumit Dhawan agreed, noting that “BYOD is something you have to plan in by design, not as an exception.”

Dhawan says a recent Citrix survey of IT professionals and managers showed the vast majority (92%) would rather manage apps than manage devices.

"The old scenario doesn't work where there are so many diverse devices," he said.

Citrix promotes its Citrix Receiver as a universal client that can be used across mobile devices to access all your documents using CloudGateway. 


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