5 great collaboration apps for business

May 15, 2013

The following tools are some of the best at empowering mobile productivity from an iPad.


The Catch notes interface is one of the best for note taking and collaboration tools. Catch allows for the creation of Spaces, which are similar to notebooks or other shared spaces in different applications. These can be customized by color for easier organization.

Any Catch note can include text, photo, audio, or video. Share it with a group for the entire team to be able to view and edit.

Catch has a very clever monetization strategy. Users can purchase additional spaces. Five spaces are included for free, with an additional space $0.99 or $2.99 for a group of four. As with other online collaboration apps, you can upgrade to get additional storage.


MangoApps offers a rather impressive suite of multi-tiered collaboration tools that can be managed from within one app.

Mango supports IM, voice chat, document management, and enterprise microblogging. The company says that it specializes in mid-market organizations with 50 to 500 employees.

While the app is free, getting services require one of the several series of available subscriptions from Mango.


The syncing space is a crowded one, but Box is one of the top ones when it comes to business use. Box offers robust security and is built for team collaboration. Users can share files and folders from the desktop or tablet interface. The interface is a little cumbersome when compared to some of the more consumer-friendly competitors. 


Dropbox excels at offering a clean UI and a strong suite of mobile apps. Turn on automatic image backup to have every photo or screen shot instantly saved into your Dropbox (on iOS you will need to launch each app as Apple does not allow this level of background processing). Images can be organized into albums directly from the iPad app. 

Google Drive

For real-time collaboration in documents and spreadsheets, Google Drive is king. Tablet users can simultaneously edit Google Docs and Sheets from an iPad or Android tablet.

And fortunately, Google is increasingly bringing its iOS apps up to near parity with the Android versions.

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