Colligo Networks updates enterprise iPad app with iPhone support & new SharePoint features

July 25, 2012

Colligo Briefcase 3.0 is now a universal app across iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and offers improved synchronization (including one feature for offline SharePoint access), support for a VPN-free connection to SharePoint behind the corporate firewall, and the chance to capture and upload photos and sketches.

There is also a new centralized management feature, which enables enterprises licensing the Colligo Administrator solution to centrally manage Briefcase across devices as well as configure the SharePoint content available to certain users.

Colligo Briefcase is currently available in three versions:

  • Colligo Briefcase Lite is a free app that offers access to SharePoint content, as well as the ability to sync on up to 50MB of content. Access is however restricted to a single SharePoint site.
  • Colligo Briefcase Pro usually costs $14.99 but is currently on sale for $2.99. The app enables access to an unlimited number of SharePoint sites, an unlimited caching of documents and for users to set an app-specific password.
  • Colligo Briefcase Enterprise is available on a license basis and can be centrally managed by IT departments using Colligo Administrator. This app is available directly from the Colligo website.


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