Evernote for Business launches for desktop and Android, is coming soon to Mac, iPad and Windows 8

December 5, 2012

Evernote announced on Tuesday that it has launched a premium, business-orientated version of its personal productivity software, which is currently used by around 45 million people around the world.

As with Evernote’s personal note-taking service, Evernote Business users are able to create notes and task lists, but with the added bonus of also creating spreadsheets and presentations, all of which can be shared with colleagues if desired (personal notebooks will still be set for “private” viewing only).

Searching, too, has been improved so that not only can workers easily find co-worker files, but so IT admin can easily set-up and support employees with Evernote for Business.

Evernote has said that the service costs $10 per use per month, which sees these folk get 2GB of content storage per month in Personal Notebooks. Co-workers get the same amount of storage in their Business Notebooks.

Evernote Business will be available across all platforms, with the Android and Windows desktop versions already live and the Mac software apparently set to debut “shortly”. Phil Libin’s firm is apparently waiting on approval from Apple for the iOS app, while sources say that a Windows 8-compatible app is also incoming in the near future.

Such news is likely to welcomed by Evernote users, most of whom appear to be using the service for business purposes already, according to Libin.

Speaking at the LeWeb conference in Paris this week, the Evernote CEO said that this is the case for two-thirds of Evernote users, while a significant 15% have also had Evernote issued to them by their employer.


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