Connect Assistance hooks up its service techs with 1,000 Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 devices

July 1, 2013

Founded in 2007, Connect Assistance provides home Internet assistance for French telecom company SFR where technical engineers troubleshoot computer, phone lines, Neufbox Internet-enabled television hardware, peripherals, and associated software. The company boasts 1,200 experts that service the country.

While service technicians initially used laptops and smartphones, executives wanted ways to improve efficiency and track home visits as they were happening. Managers also wanted to reduce the amount of paperwork needed in the field including scanning about 40,000 different products installed in a month.  

So the company looked at tablet computers as a main tool for field technicians. Connect Assistance chose Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 devices equipped with 3G and Wi-Fi to allow the device to be used as a phone and a tablet. The handheld devices can scan barcodes of new products being installed, help create reports, and be used to capture customer signatures in one device.

Shock resistant cases and rotating belt clips

To prevent bumps and breaks in the field, the Galaxy Tab 7 devices are equipped with “IK Shock Resistant” cases with an elastic strap in the back for safe holding. The tablets also feature a rotating belt clip, to carry the devices either horizontally or vertically. A shoulder strap enables the tablet to be carried either horizontally or vertically.

Connect Assistance initially ordered 750 units with car chargers and stylus at a bulk discount. Some technicians have purchased their own tablets as part of the company’s channel sales agreements.

The tablets are loaded with appropriate connection and security software as well as an internally-developed app that lets the field technician call the customer in advance to verify the appointments. The technician can also see the customer’s details prior to the visit.


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