Content creation on tablets is still a no-show in the enterprise, says CTIA panel

May 8, 2012
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(New Orleans) – Tablets are still not being used for content creation in the enterprise, according to the panel called “Tablets in the Enterprise: Increasing Efficiency and Productivity,” held earlier today here during The Future of Tablets conference. 

Panel members said that tablets are primarily being used for adding or annotating content, not creating it.

“There are still restrictions,” said Leila Modarres, senior direct of marketing at Keynote Device Anywhere, a mobile app testing firm. “There’s the restriction of battery life and of memory. And the lack of a keyboard [is also a problem].”

The four-person panel, which was moderated by Dan Cornell, principal at Denim Group, discussed the progress of tablets at the organizational level. The group said that major industries initiating large tablet adoption included healthcare, the financial services and the pharmaceutical industries. 

“The form factor is the right one for looking at test results, said Ken Parmelee, senior director of product management at Antenna Software, speaking from the pharmaceutical industry perspective.

The panel discussed the nature of building apps for the enterprise. Not every application should be mobilized, said Dimitri Volkmann, vice president of enterprise product strategy and planning at Good Technology. And Ed King, the vice president of product marketing at Vordel said that the process of building apps has changed in the last 18 months.

“It used to be that you built a server and a user interface and you were done,” he told the conference attendees. “Now it’s changed to building really good APIs so that you can incorporate back-end capabilities into different use cases. That’s what enterprise customers are starting to think about.”

Added Modarres: “One size does not fit all.”

As for the pressure that BYOD is putting on IT departments, the group agreed there isn’t one universal way to handle it. The consensus appeared to be that IT departments are slowly coming to grips with the fact that BYOD isn’t going away and that mobile strategies are becoming an intractable reality of the business world.


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