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It’s a fine morning and you’re sitting on the couch with your tablet, sipping a hot cup of coffee while checking out all the latest news on the web. Everything is going great, until you hear that familiar notification sound indicating that a message has been delivered to your phone, which is charging in the next room. You decide it will just have to wait, you’re way too comfortable to go and get it now.

We’re betting this has happened to many of you – more that once.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could just see and reply to that message right on your tablet? Though not a lot of us are aware of it, there are a handful of apps that let you do exactly this, and in fact, much more. Lets take a look.

mysms icon mysms

 Price: Free (Offers in-app purchases)
Google Play Store rating: 4.2 stars


mysms SMS Text Messaging Sync is one of those apps you will have a hard time living without, once you get used to it. As you might have already guessed, it lets your remotely use your phone for SMS and MMS messaging, and you will also get call notifications on your computer. All you have to do is setup an account, which allows you to send and receive texts from any of your devices, including a tablet, Mac, PC, or Chromebook. Unlike some services that send out messages from their own servers, thus do not bear your phone number, these are true texts that are being sent via your phone’s SIM.

That’s right, no need to touch your phone, which is the perfect solution to the ‘hypothetical’ problem I mentioned in the intro.

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Remo Droid icon RemoDroid

 Price: Free
Google Play Store rating: 3.5 stars


RemoDroid is a root app providing Android ‘remote desktop’ functionality. Once your devices are connected, you’ll be able to see the screen of the phone on your tablet and also intuitively control it. You can navigate the device, see the images, change settings and much more, right from your tablet. It works both over WiFi and 3G, which should make remote access a pleasure. The one caveat is that you’ll need to root your streaming phone to be able to use RemoDroid.

Also the app is in its beta, meaning the developers are still adding the final touches to it. So your device might not be supported yet or it may be buggy.

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AirDroid icon AirDroid

 Price: Free (Offers in-app purchases)
Google Play Store rating: 4.5 stars

AirDroid is the possibly the most elegant looking app in our list today, and probably the most feature-packed, too. Airdroid gives you full control of your phone from your computer, tablet, Mac and more, all through a web browser. When installed on your second screen, it can pull calls, texts and notifications, transfer files, photos and videos, mirror the phone’s screen, manage media, ringtones and apks, take screenshots, use the camera and even share the clipboard. AirDroid is more like iOS 8’s Continuity on Android, rather than a mere remote control.

AirDroid is free in the Google Play Store, but there is a small catch; and it is that AirdDroid comes with a subscription charge of $1.99/month for premium features. However, most users won’t need to go pro, because local access is included in the free app,  you’ll need the subscription only if you’re planning to use AirDroid from a remote network.

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TeamViewer for Remote Control

Price: Free
Google Play Store rating: 4.5 stars


This app lets you remote into another computer, smartphone, or tablet, with easy, fast, and secure remote access. You are able share screens or completely remote control other devices as if you were actually using the other device, be it a computer, smartphone, or tablet, and this app can also be used for server management. Other key features of the app include file transfers in both directions, chat, sound and HD video transmissions in real time, and a whole lot more.

Keep in mind that on the device you want to remotely control, you will have to install the TeamViewer QuickSupport app, with a specific version of this available for Samsung devices.

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Grab your Android phone and tablet now, choose the apps that look to serve your needs best and pair up your devices to begin taking control of your Android phone with ease. The next time you are snuggled up on the couch with your tablet, or even forget your phone at home while on the go, there will be little cause for a panic attack. Just jump on in to your tablet and take control of that distant Android phone.

This is just a short list of amazing remote connectivity apps for Android, what other great apps have you guys seen, used and swear by?

  • alanking

    I love Mighty Text. That’s what I swear by when replying to sms messages from my desktop.

    • Jenny Smith

      Right!! Why that amazing app was not mentioned is beyond me because I think it beats others hands down!

    • Great Artiste

      I tried it 3 years ago for my PC in Chrome extension. It worked for a while, but then just stopped altogether. It might have something to do with my carrier Verizon, so I use their app on my tablet & their PC program which works fine.

  • DrDhanwantari G Pancholi

    Your article is misleading it was supposed to mention apps showing Android phone controlling from Android phone waste of time

    • Great Artiste

      No, it’s not. Title of the article is “How to control your Android phone from your TABLET” You don’t seem to know how to understand the difference or have good reading comprehension. Some of the apps also have multiple device functionality. They’ll work on PCs, Mac, Chromebook, etc.