Crowded out by Amazon and Google, Pandigital gets out of the tablet business

November 20, 2012

The Digital Reader reports that Pandigital, makers of Android tablets like the 8-inch SuperNova as well as other consumer electronics, officially closed its doors earlier this year and has since seen its assets being signed over to creditors to pay off outstanding debts.

The company has since been sending emails to past customers to inform them that they can no longer support warranties, while also notifying them to contact the liquidator if they have any issues with their Pandigital device.

Despite the booming tablet market, Pandigital hasn’t been the first vendor to leave the industry.

LG Electronics decided not to keep pursuing tablets to concentrate on smartphones in June, while in September ViewSonic stated that it was leaving the “saturated” consumer tablet market to focus on models for certain business verticals.


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