CSR unveils ‘world’s thinnest keyboard’ (video)

September 6, 2013
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BERLIN, GERMANY: The paper-thin and flexible keyboard is less than half a millimetre thick and uses the latest version of Bluetooth – Bluetooth Smart – to connect with tablets, laptops and desktops, irrespective of whether those devices are running Android, iOS/OS X Mavericks or Windows 8.

UK-based CSR showed the keyboard, which was developed in conjunction with Atmel and Conductive Inject Technology to make the wireless touch surface – and said that it could even be integrated directly into a smartphone or tablet cover in future.

For now though, Paul Williamson, the company's director low power wireless technology, has said that it remains a prototype product, although he did tell TabTimes that the firm is in discussions with numerous ‘top-tier’ PC vendors about bringing it to market.


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