Datawind’s $35 Android tablet is coming to the U.S.

December 16, 2013
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There were distribution and quality issues reviewers were quick to jump on, but improvements were made to more recent models and the project did get off the ground.  

Now Datawind is planning to bring three similar UbiSlate devices to the U.S. for as low as $38 for a 7-inch model, targeting lower-income families and, heck, anyone looking to get a tablet for cheap.

The tablets come with 4G of Flash memory that can be supplemented by up to 32GB through a micro-SD card slot. In addition to Wi-Fi, the UbiSlate 7Ci tablet supports external 3G for mobile broadband data connectivity, while the UbiSlate 7C+ ($99.99) has an embedded quad-band GSM-Edge modem and the UbiSlate 3G7 ($149.99) incorporates a 3G modem.

The models with cellular connectivity can be considered more as 'phablets' as they can use a regular SIM to make phone calls, but also access the internet anywhere there is mobile phone network coverage. The devices come bundled with a SIM from Red Pocket Mobile and a year of unlimited basic Internet. 

"The UbiSlate tablets are set to disrupt the U.S. tablet market, following their significant success in India, where sales have overtaken even that of the iPad," the company said in a release.

"The development of the tablet stemmed from the realization that lack of internet adoption in many parts of the world was primarily because of lack of affordability. Our aim is to bridge the gap by offering cost-effective, high-specification devices and internet-access that offer excellent value to all,"  said Datawind CEO Suneet Singh Tuli. 

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