Dell CFO expects slow business adoption of Windows 8

September 27, 2012
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Intel CEO Paul Otellini reportedly said in a private meeting with employees in Taiwan earlier this week that Windows 8 is buggy and is being released before it’s ready.

Intel didn’t specifically confirm or deny Otellini’s remarks, which Bloomberg said it heard from someone who attended the meeting, but voiced its support for Windows 8 as “a significant opportunity across the board.”

Microsoft also issued a statement that its new OS is the “most tested, reviewed and ready operating system in Microsoft’s history.”

Later today, Intel will be hosting an event in San Francisco with with big name hardware vendors, including Dell, HP and Acer, who plan to release Windows 8 tablets later this year.

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal reported Dell CFO Brian Gladden as saying businesses may not seriously consider Windows 8 until well into next year.

The WSJ had no direct quotes from Gladden but a summary of his comments conveys the CFO’s belief that upgrade cycles typically take three to four years and there are a lot of risks with upgrading early. He said that about half of all business customers are running Windows XP or Windows Vista.

The long upgrade cycle, which includes evaluations and trial deployments, means it will take at least a few quarters to fairly evaluate how well Windows 8 is doing in the enterprise. 

But it should also be noted Gladden is primarily referring to desktop and notebook upgrades. In many instances tablets like the iPad are being purchased either by companies or employees for a business purpose as entirely new computing assets.

How quickly Windows 8 tablets are adopted reamains an open question. Microsoft is itself releasing two branded Surface tablets later this year. 


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