Dell confirms it’s making tablets again, likes the look of Windows 8

May 23, 2012

“The addition of capacitive touch capability into Windows 8, we think, will be a welcome addition…and we will have a full complement of products at time of launch”, said Dell.

“We’re totally lined up with Windows 8. You’ll see us introduce tablets”.

Dell’s interest in having another go at tablets is not exactly news, as a number of stories have come out in the last six months suggesting that Microsoft's latest versions of Windows would be the platform of choice. As you may recall, Dell has already launched a number of consumer tablets onto the market, but the Android-powered Streak slatesh have all since faded into obscurity.

Moving on from just tablets, during the conference call, Dell also suggested that the firm will also take to making Windows 8 Ultrabooks, and possibly some ‘hybrid’ devices which could sit between a tablet and an Ultrabook.

"This is a transition where you generally are going to need a new PC, whether it's a tablet or an ultrabook with touch or a notebook with touch or a PC with touch or some derivative hybrid of all of the above type of products," said Dell.

Dell reported first-quarter earnings of $635 million, or 36 cents a share, which was down 33% quarter-on-quarter, while the revenue of $14.42 billion was a fall of 4% from the year before.


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