Dell prepping business-ready Windows 8 tablet, says CEO Michael Dell

March 9, 2012

The CEO and founder of the computer giant, Michael Dell, said in an interview with the Bloomberg West TV show that Dell will be among the first companies on stage when Microsoft unwraps Windows 8 later this year. 

Dell’s first effort at a tablet, the Android-based Dell Streak, came out initially in a 5-inch form factor and later a 7-inch model, but both were flops. 

Asked what key features a Dell Windows 8 tablet would offer business customers, Dell said it will be particularly attractive to large Windows shops, i.e. enterprises that have a big installed base of Windows on desktops, notebooks and servers. 

“I think in particular for the business customer who has a very large installed base of Windows and the Windows ecosystem, having a secure Windows tablet that works with all the Windows applications … we’re hearing a lot of demand for that and we think it would be quite attractive,” said Dell. 

Microsoft has said it hopes to make the Windows 8, designed for a new generation of tablets, available later this year, but no launch date has been announced. 

Dell said his company will make its Windows 8 plans public “… on the exact day Windows 8 is introduced, i can assure you we will be there.” 

Speaking more broadly about his company’s R&D tech investments, Dell said the focus is on areas like data centers, servers, storage, networking, security and software with an aim towards helping customers take advantage of the big shifts that are occurring in the next generation of technology in areas like virtualization and cloud computing and more rapidly deploy it. 

“With all these mobile devices, whether it’s smartphones or tablets or what have you, there is a real tremendous growth in the amount of data you have is terms of growth in data in the world that’s roughly doubling every 18 months,” said Dell. “How do you take advantage of that? We’re building data centers of the future that take in all that information and feed all those small mobile devices that are growing.”


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