Dell rumored to be working on two new Windows 8 tablets

May 22, 2013
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Citing a leaked roadmap which apparently details Dell’s tablet plans, Hungarian website reports that the XPS 10 successor will have a 10.8-inch Full HD display and will come to market in Q4. It is not known if the model will run Windows RT, as with the original model, or the Intel-powered Windows 8.

The same roadmap also seems to indicate that Dell could unveil a newer Latitude 10 tablet, also with a 10.8-inch display, in the first quarter of next year, news which would come as some surprise given the Texas firm has already launched two Latitude 10 tablets in seven months.  

It has been suggested that Dell might be preparing a newer version of the XPS 10 because the original model failed to attract significant sales, something which may have also influenced the company's decision to discount the XPS 10 to just $299 earlier this month.

The prospect of new Dell tablets in the near future doesn't seem so far off. After all, a senior Dell executive recently hinted at an incoming Windows RT tablet and Kindle Fire rival.


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