DEMO: A holodeck on your iPad, instant Web-to-app for publishers, and a better Craigslist

April 18, 2012

A company called TourWrist showed a neat photo app for iOS devices that takes advantage of the gyroscope and other built-in features of Apple’s devices.

In his on-stage demo, company CEO and founder Charles Armstrong showed how the free TourWrist app lets users take full 360 degrees, panoramic photos with the ability to zoom in and out of the image. One demo was a stunning view looking out over the Grand Canyon.

“Think of it more like the Star Trek holodeck,” where you can interact with a virtual environment, said Armstrong.

He mentioned applications like showing off real estate and how a virtual museum could give a more interactive experience for viewing art. The PanoSpots, as the views are called, can be shot with your iPhone or iPad, shared with others and embedded in your Facebook page.

Uppsite: instant mobile apps

UppSite showed an app designed to help publishers change their websites into apps that run on mobile devices. Free and pro versions are available. In the demo, an app was created from a publishers’ website in a few minutes using an easy-to-use wizard.

“There’s a real market need for something like this, a ton of businesses would like to be able to do this,” said Benchmark Capital partner Bill Gurley, during a panel of VCs discussing some of the presentations.

Socially enabled CraigsList

Fribi showed what could be described as a media rich, socially-enabled version of Craiglist. The idea is to create an easy way for consumers to showcase the items they might have in their closet or garage that they want to give away.

The Fribis service lets you track the status of items you're giving away to see if anyone wants to claim them as well as track the items you might be interested in. Items can also be rated by the Fribi community. Fibri is “deeply integrated” in Facebook and the company says integration with Twitter is coming soon.


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