DEMO: XeoPlay touts iPad games to save the world

April 18, 2012

XEOPlay CEO Nicole Lazzaro showed off several new ecology-themed games for the iPad with some unique twists. You navigate your way around and score points in TiltWorld by the way you move the the iPad itself. Tilting the iPad or iPhone a certain way helps you do things like virtually gather mushrooms to clean the soil and eat carbon out of the air. 

While the game conveys some ideas on how to clean the environment, there are other benefits. You can dedicate points to a non-profit organization called WeForest that is planting trees in Madagascar based on the number of points users accumulate and dedicate. 

Lazzaro says she sees games as a source of human motivation. “Imagine all the things we want to change around the world,” she said, adding that WeForest is the first of several game packs the company has planned that could support other causes. 

Dana Stalder, a general partner at venture capital firm Matrix Partners said the challenge for any game company is the competition for people’s time. “As someone who cares, I love caused-based projects,” he said. “But will enough consumers want to do it?”


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