Japanese game company DeNA’s revenue and profits are down in Japan and the West

February 5, 2014

DeNA has issued its fiscal year 2014 Q3 report detailing the final three months of 2013, and the company's fortunes appear to be down.

During the three-month period ending Dec. 31 2013 revenue fell 20 percent from the same period in 2012 to about $408 million. Similarly, DeNA's operating profit fell 42 percent to about $112 million.

And usage of the company's "MobaCoin" virtual currency—vital to its business—fell 11 percent across first- and third-party games in Japan. That drop follows a similar trend that's been going on for 18 months. MobaCoin usage is down all over, and it seems to be hurting DeNA's bottom line significantly.

But "DeNA is committed to its large-scale game production strategy for both the app and browser markets," DeNA CEO and President Isao Moriyasu said in the company's report.

"By establishing improved development processes, we have scaled our ability to deliver numerous high-quality games each quarter. We're seeing encouraging signs from many of our games and new services in the mobile app market, and it remains an exciting opportunity for growth for our company."

DeNA has 10 new smartphone and tablet games planned for release outside Japan in 2014. [via Pocket Gamer]


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