Deploying tablets in enterprise? Analyst claims Windows 8 is the best bet

March 14, 2013

In a time where Apple has talked publicly of 94% of Fortune 500 companies using iPads and where Android has been mentioned as the only plausible rival, Moorhead offered a refreshing insight into the enterprise potential of Windows 8 in a new research report.

The report, entitled “The latest extreme low power, Windows tablets now ready for enterprise”, saw Moorhead examine three Windows tablets, namely the Dell Latitude 10, the HP ElitePad 900 and Lenovo’s ThinkPad 2.

The Moor Insights & Strategy principal analyst measured these tablets against the 4th-generation iPad for enterprise features, and came away with the impression that Windows 8 models hold the advantage.

"The new breed of enterprise tablets provides the same comprehensive PC enterprise features deployed and already in use by enterprises," reads the report.

"While the iPad provides many new features, enterprise must evaluate, deploy, train IT and purchase new tools. Domain Join and Active Directory are not supported on the iPad."

Moorhead goes onto applaud Windows 8 models for offering backwards compatibility and thinks that the need for IT departments to bolt on additional security features to the iPad will make the iOS device too expensive.

"Enterprises will not pay more to acquire the new breed of Windows tablets and when factoring in additional new management tools, iPads cost more," said Moorhead.

While many analysts have recently talked up the possibility of Android tablets in enterprise, there does appear to be demand from IT workers for Windows-powered devices. One study last month revealed that more workers wanted Windows 8 tablets than Apple iPads.


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