Desktop marketing dollars moving quickly to smartphones, tablets

June 11, 2013
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Desktop ad spending will peak in 2014 at $35.39 billion — up from this year's projected total of $34.29 billion — but then begin a steady decline, eMarketer predicts in a new report. 

Why? The main reason is the runaway growth of smartphones and tablets at a time when desktop sales are stagnating. 

“The growth of mobile advertising is slowing spending directed toward desktop ad formats faster than expected,” says Clark Fredricksen, a researcher at eMarketer.

Mobile search advertising is expected to grow 76% this year, and 52% next year, while mobile banner advertising is expected to grow 100% this year, and 54% in 2014.

eMarketer expects mobile video ad spending to continue to grow at triple-digit rates this year, with banners, rich media and other display ads predicted to rise 78.3% compared to search's 76.4%.

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