Details of Nokia’s Windows 8 tablet starting to emerge

March 12, 2012

But a new report puts a bit more meat on the bone of just what Nokia has planned. Nokia’s planning a 10-inch Windows 8 tablet based on Qualcomm's dual-core chipset for release in the fourth quarter, at the earliest, according to Digitimes, which tracks component suppliers. 

“Nokia is expected to outsource production of the 10-inch tablets to Compal Electronics with the first batch of shipments to top 200,000 units,” Digitimes said, citing upstream component suppliers. 

Other key Microsoft partners like Dell and HP are expected to have Windows 8 tablets out this fall as well. 

“We look very closely at what is coming out of Microsoft in terms of Windows 8,’’ Nokia CEO Stephen Elop told the New York Times at last month’s Mobile World Congress. 

“We are very, very pleased with the consistency of the user experience that is coming from the Windows phone and moving up onto tablets and slates and PCs as Windows 8," continued Elop. "So we look at those things and say, boy, if there’s a family opportunity there, that’s something we’ll look at very carefully.’’


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