Direct File & Screen Sharing for iPad and Android tablets

May 5, 2014

MobileSputnik is an integrated enterprise mobile workplace which brings in Windows Explorer and Office-like capabilities to tablets with MobileSputnik for iPad and Android tablets (including Kindle). A core set of features of MobileSputnik for tablets is a full-functional File manager for secure access, with download/upload ability, to files within Windows shared folders and SharePoint document libraries, as well as embedded Polaris Office core technology for in-app editing of office documents.

In addition to the mobile clients MobileSputnik provides “Dropbox”-like secure synchronization agent for PC to keep all of the synced information in corporate information security perimeter. Windows, Mac and smartphones users can use also adaptive web-client accessible via a secure SLL connection (HTTPS).

The combination of iPad and Android tablet apps, PC agent and web-client makes MobileSputnik a compelling collaboration platform whatever the fleet of mobile computing devices used within an enterprise.

New Direct Screen Sharing tools in version 1.7 enable users to broadcast documents instantly and safely, through Wi-Fi (external or running on a mobile device), from one to many iOS or Android tablets.

These tools add to the existing Direct File Sharing tools offered by MobileSputnik, a fast-growing enterprise app that’s the brainchild of Moscow-based MobilityLab. MobileSputnik now provides business users with advanced capabilities for just-in-time collaborative work within wireless networks, as supported by the leading AllSeen Alliance Framework/Qualcomm AllJoyn system technologies.

MobileSputnik Direct File & Screen Sharing™ cross-platform capabilities are quite unique in the worldwide enterprise mobility market and they reaffirm MobileSputnik’s technology leadership in collaborative mobile work.

The MobileSputnik embedded full-featured office suite features easy navigation through Windows and SharePoint file resources, offline mode, multiscreen user interface to open and view different documents that in sum give MobileSputnik a unique position among enterprise mobility solutions.

P.1 MobileSputnik Direct Screen Sharing
P.1 MobileSputnik Direct Screen Sharing

“Direct cross-platform screen sharing of public documents between tablets together with capabilities of cross-platform direct file sharing provide a unique environment for collaborative work,” said Sergey Orlik, Managing Director of MobilityLab. “This is a worldwide innovation which will increase productivity for our customers and sets a new standard in enterprise-grade mobile solutions.”

P.2 MobileSputnik Direct File Sharing

P.2 MobileSputnik Direct File Sharing

See MobileSputnik direct screen sharing features in action in this video.

MobileSputnik 1.7 mobile clients are available from the Apple AppStore, Google Play, Samsung Apps and Amazon Kindle Apps markets.

MobileSputnik also integrates with Good Dynamics and Citrix XenMobile Worx enterprise mobility apps ecosystems in special editions MobileSputnik for Good and MobileSputnik for Citrix.

About MobilityLab

MobilityLab was founded in 2011 with one of the oldest and leading Russian information technology and system integration organizations, the I.T. Group of companies. MobilityLab is an independent software vendor focused on developing the next generation out-of-the-box enterprise mobility solution – MobileSputnik. MobilityLab has been a resident of the SKOLKOVO IT Cluster since 2012. For more details about the product and for a trial version visit:

To learn more about MobileSputnik:
• see the full list of features
• review the solution datasheet
• see videos of MobileSputnik in action on iPad and Android tablets
• run through the Quick start guide

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