Double-dip recession could hit tablet sales in 2012

December 13, 2011

The research company yesterday issued its ten top wireless predictions for 2012, one of which was its view that the recession could have an adverse impact on smartphone and tablet sales. The research group believes that the effect will be most acutely felt in the premium tablet sector, where net sales could plateau or even decline.

Interestingly, Juniper Research reckons that the tough economic conditions may benefit players like Amazon and Archos, as cash-strapped consumers look instead to opt for a Kindle Fire or Arnova tablet, rather than an iPad.

In the group’s other predictions, Juniper has forecast 2012 to be the year of the quad-core processor and believes that Windows 8 will fuel Nokia’s revival and disrupt the tablet market as a whole.

Furthermore, Juniper Research believes that 2012 will herald the beginning of high profile malware attacks on mobile devices and estimates that the London Olympics will boost mobile advertising, gambling and kick-start NFC payments.


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