Dual boot Android Windows tablets? Lenovo’s President is not a fan

January 8, 2014

LAS VEGAS – But Jay Parker, President of Lenovo for North America, say’s he’s skeptical Intel's plans or any other dual boot scheme will be worth it. 

“I think it’s a bit complicated and perhaps a bit expensive,” Parker told TabTimes. “I believe customers want simplicity and ease of use. I’m not sure dual-boot provides that.” 

While Intel may be doing the heavy lifting, Parker said OEMs like Lenovo will still have to do a fair bit of testing and development to make sure a dual boot system works properly – thus the added expense.

But he is optimistic users will be able to pretty much get what they want regardless of OS.

“What is more likely in my opinion is that the operating systems will evolve to support most user’s needs,” he said. In other words, most of the mainstream and popular apps will be available across the most widely-used operating systems. 

“I believe the ecosystem can support three OS’s and there won’t be a big discrepancy across them in terms of the kinds of apps you want to run,” he said.

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