E La Carte toughens up Presto, the Android tablet for restaurants

November 14, 2012

The company told TechCrunch that the 7-inch Android tablet has been reformatted for restaurant use with a better battery life (previously quoted at 20 hours), a now ruggedized exterior and a redesigned credit card reader which apparently improves the payment process. 

Another new feature is that the tablet’s LED light will now change color based on the table's food status.

Aside from that, the tablet retains its core functionalitiy of allowing users to look through and order from the digital menus, make payments and play games.

At the last count, over 20,000 of the tablets had been deployed to 600 U.S. restaurants, with more projects supposedly in the pipe. E La Carte has in the past claimed that restaurants make 10% more on orders when using the Presto tablet.


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