eBay upgrades iPad app for ‘couch commerce’

November 22, 2011

On logging into the “Watch with eBay” tab, users are invited to enter in their zip code, cable provider, TV channel and the program they are currently watching.

Using show- and event-specific keyword searches, the app will then present relevant merchandise from the show on the eBay marketplace.

eBay hopes this will be the first of many interactive features coming to its mobile apps in future, with the company hoping to work with TV networks, stations, cable providers and studios to identify products in specific scenes of movies or programs.

This trend for ‘couch commerce’ has been paraded by both eBay and PayPal in recent times, and a new study from eBay indicated that 86% of mobile users use their devices while watching TV. eBay said that a quarter of these are browsing content related to what they’re watching.

"Mobile shopping is mainstream now, and eBay expects this holiday to be the largest mobile shopping season ever," said Steve Yankovich, vice president of eBay Mobile.

"Shoppers are in the driver's seat, with mobile technology putting the mall right in your pocket. We're using our mobile and tablet innovations to empower people to shop and find the best deals – anytime, anywhere, any way they want – from the comfort of their couch or on the go."


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