Report: Retailers desperate to support e-commerce for tablets

December 21, 2011

The firm says that junior e-commerce designers working on mobile platforms earn around £350/day (approximately $550), compared to £280/day ($440) for those working on e-commerce projects for the traditional desktop PC.

For program managers, the comparison is £600 ($940) for those working on mobile platforms, compared to £500 ($785) for those staff which are working elsewhere.

“This is a now a top priority for all the major retailers,” said Ian Blair, director of ReThink, when commenting on mobile e-commerce. “Most [retailers] see it as far more critical than more traditional areas of spend, such as investment in store payment systems or upgrading store fittings.”

“Customers are no longer just using these tools to find their nearest store or check the opening and closing times.

"They are increasingly expecting to see 360 degree product views, to place orders internationally, to double check a high street store has the right size and colour of a design of shoes – and all these require extensive expenditure in IT.”


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