Electric Slide brings wireless PowerPoint presentations to iPad and iPhone

February 11, 2013

The Electric Slide app is designed to provide simple wireless presenting by giving each user a unique URL. Upon entering a meeting, a user can simply type their URL into a web browser and begin presenting wirelessly with their device.

Content is delivered from the cloud but also synced with the device. Also, the app works whether or not there’s an Internet connection.

“If possible, you want to have the Internet connection, but you don’t always need it. We have one teacher in the UK who uses Electric Slide to show all his presentations on a TV,”  Jim Phelan, co-founder of Electric Slide publisher Elucidate, told TabTimes.

Presenters can have the option to connect directly to TV using an HDMI / VGA adapter or AirPlay. The app also allows multiple devices to pair through Bluetooth.

The cloud-based Electric Slide has been available in Apple's App Store for a while, but officially launches today. It uses the company’s proprietary technology to convert all content to HTML5. Animations and effects are preserved so that PowerPoint presentations and other documents can be viewed without loss of formatting. “We’re very proud of the work we’ve done to maintain fonts, animations and slide transitions,” said Phelan.

The company uses a freemium model that offers users a free account with 50MB of storage, up to five simultaneous live viewers and the ability to show videos up to a minute in length. Meeting length times max out at 90 minutes with the free account.

Pro account members get a number of additional features including 1GB storage, up to 50 simultaneous live views, 30 minutes of video and no limit on meeting length.

A one year Pro account is $79.99; or $26.99 for three months. 


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