Engadget decides to kill Distro tablet magazine app

September 7, 2013
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Distro was one of the early online-only publications to add a companion iPad magazine app when it launched in October, 2011 (followed a few weeks later by an Android version). 

No explanation was given for the closure. Probably the highest profile magazine app flop to date has been News Corp's The Daily which wasn't able to justify the huge investment in staff and design the publishing giant made in the iPad app.

In a note to readers Engadget implied that content similar to what it offered in the app would continue to be available at Engadget.com. 

"Distro has served as a jumping-off point for award-winning design, in-depth analysis and a focus on long-form storytelling, and we plan to bring everything we've learned to Engadget at large.

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