Enterprise BI app developer gets download boost from Windows 8

December 18, 2012
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The Redmond-based company broke news of the milestone recently, while also confirming that Microsoft’s latest OS is helping them to get up to 20 new business leads each week.

“Since the launch of our title, we have had over 2,500 downloads,” wrote CEO Patrick Husting, in a blog post.

“That is not too bad for an enterprise business application. And I can share this, we made WAY MORE than $83 bucks on it … We have seen an extra 15 to 20 new business leads a week because of Windows 8. We are seeing tremendous business traffic with Windows 8 that is for sure.”

Technology pundit and blogger Robert Scoble later questioned the significance of the figure, when comparing against successful consumer apps like Instagram, only for Husting to offer a swift riposte via the company's blog.

 “Businesses pay for our solution because of the insights and productivity it brings to their businesses. Instagram has to give it away for free.” The Extended Results CEO added that his firm’s apps offer a ‘productivity gain not a productivity drain’, another dig at how consumer apps can be a time waster.

The PushBI app is available for Windows 8, iPad and Android and is free to download, although full functionality only comes after signing up to a paid software licensing agreement. 


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