Businesses can now distribute multiple apps to Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets

March 21, 2013

This news will be welcomed by businesses using Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets, not least because it puts an end to the previous process of making an app purchase to each user account, something Amazon even described as a “lengthy and laborious”.

While this update would appear to be tailored for corporately deployed tablets, it also caters for Kindle Fires being used on a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) basis. These workers will simply have to “opt in” to Whispercast before receiving the apps in their Amazon account.

The new functionality will enable administrators to login to Whispercast, find the app they want to buy and then push it to their managed Kindle Fire tablets.

Amazon launched Whispercast back in October of last year, a move which was at the time heralded as an attempt by Jeff Bezos’ firm to push the entertainment-focused Kindles as devices which could also be used for business.

The cloud-based service works on all Kindle devices, including the Kindle Fire tablets, and has a numerous features desired by IT administrators.

For instance, IT managers can protect data by enforcing passwords on devices, block access to Facebook, Twitter or web pages, and shut down the ability to buy content.

Businesses can also stop Kindle users from starting a factory reset, and organize device users into certain groups. Whispercast allows a raft of document formats to be shared, including .pdf, .doc and .docx.


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