eScribe for iPad aims for paperless meetings

April 9, 2012

The native iOS eScribe for iPad app is designed to eliminate the need for paper in meetings. The company says its namesake free eScribe app is the first step of a phased rolled out of meeting-related software that’s available as either a cloud or on-premise service. Of course, while paper may be eliminated, the software requires meeting participants all have an iPad or Apple iOS device. 

eScribe lets meeting participants register private notes and comments and participate in group chats and discussions. Advanced features include the ability to directly annotate on documents and offline meeting capabilities, the company said. 

The application also includes a number of live meeting functions including agenda item synch, voting and request to speak. Meeting participants will be able to securely log-in with eScribe anytime during or after meetings to access all information including agendas, reports and attachments.

“eSCRIBE for the iPad is part of a multi-phase, multi-device mobile strategy which will ultimately include not only meeting participants but also administrators, staff contributors and even the public,” Robert Treumann, President and CEO of eScribe, said in a release. 


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