Event organizers can swap clipboards for tablets with ORM London’s iPad app

November 2, 2011

The Event Check-In iPad app works with a separate, wireless QR code scanner from SocketMobile and a software-as-a-service (SaaS) portal that streamlines the event check-in process.

The system allows event organizers to quickly create a guest list, check guests in and analyze data after an event. ORM London, a digital agency, says that it is ideal for all companies who are looking to save time, money, and enhance the perception of their brand when guests arrive at an event.

The app is sold for an introductory period as a package with a 16GB Wi-Fi connected iPad 2 and an enterprise-standard iOS Certified wireless QR code scanner. The package also includes a one-to-one training session and training manuals.

In one click, the QR code scanner enables a unique QR code to be generated for each guest, and these codes can be included in printed or email event invitations. The scanner can also be used to send automatic SMS messages to a guest’s host when someone arrives.

The cloud-based SaaS portal is accessible online from any location, making it possible to organize events while on the go. Any changes made at the portal or on the iPad app will be automatically synchronised.

Multiple iPads and Scanners can be connected to the app to scale up for larger event, or if organizers have multiple points of entry to a show.

“We wanted to create an app that was simple to use and would cut down the admin of organizing and analyzing an event, streamlining the process for everyone from a marketing manager that holds a few events a year, to large events teams that organise hundreds of events”, said Mahesh Ramachandra, head of product at ORM London.

ORM London is currently developing a customized guest feedback module for the app. This feature will integrate valuable customer feedback into the post-event report.

Event Check-in is now available on the Apple app store, and trial accounts can be set up by contacting ORM directly.


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