Evernote’s Skitch for iPad mixes fun with practical

December 23, 2011
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The free Skitch for IPad app includes a web browser so you can annotate web pages. Once you find a page you want to annotate or draw on, tap on the program’s Snap icon and add whatever you want to the webpage. Some  practical examples Evernote suggests are giving feedback on a web project or grabbing an image from a commerce or vendor site and circling exactly what you want to your gift-giving friends or family.

Similarly, Skitch can be used with screenshots on the iPad. Just use the standard method of pressing both the power and home buttons to capture a screenshot on the iPad which saves the image to the camera roll. You can then open it in Skitch, annotate the image and send it to whoever you like. 

“This is great for everything from mobile app design to showing off your latest Angry Birds score,” Evernote said in a release. 

There are several other drawing tools and features in the program including a text option for entering text anywhere on an image and a Skitch Map option for giving directions to a location. 

Skitch drawings are saved locally by the application, but you can also save them to Evernote for easy access from wherever you log in. 

Next up, iPhone

Already available for Android, Evernote said it created the first iOs version of Skitch for the iPad “because it’s the ideal form factor for tactile annotation.” The company said an iPhone version is also in the works. 


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