Eyefly nanotech filter brings 3D to the iPad Air without glasses

January 10, 2014

The Singapore-based company already offers an Eyefly 3D filter for the iPhone, now it’s adding the iPad Air to the mix. (The filter also replaces any protective screen you may already be using to protect against dirt and scratches)

Eyefly3D doesn’t automatically make everything you watch on the iPad glasses-free 3D, that would be truly remarkable, though the company says it’s not hard to convert content to 3D.

“We’re trying to grow the 3D ecosystem,” company spokesman Augustine Goh told TabTimes at Nanoveau's booth at CES. “We’re going to make 3D glasses obsolete.” 

The most immediate applications will probably be entertainment, but 3D educational apps and other areas, such as design, would seem to have potential.

Special Eyefly3D iOS apps are needed to show in 3D. But the company plans to make a software development kit available to let developers build apps for the filter in addition to apps Nanoveau itself has developed.

The Eyefly3D Vid app directly links to YouTube to let you stream those videos in 3D. Eyefly also has a real-time 2D to 3D converter app designed to convert 2D images and video into 3D.

There is a lot science behind the thin plastic lens that fits over the iPad. The company said it engineered 2 million lenses onto super thin and super light plastic that when applied to the iPad’s surface sends separate images to your left and right eye. Your brain then “instantly” processes the images as 3D.

Goh says EyeFly3d will be available at the Eyefly3D website starting January 11 for $59.95. A version for Nexus 7 tablets is also in the works.

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