Fashion retailer Guess sees business benefits from the iPad; thinks tablets will replace cash registers

December 18, 2012

Speaking to OpenForum recently, the Guess exec said that both its retail stores and shoppers have responded well to Apple’s tablet since they were rolled out in November 2010, with consumer engagement in particular going ‘through the roof’.

“Our buyers saw an improvement immediately. Instead of just seeing a number on a spreadsheet, our iPad app allowed them to see the specific coat, pant or dress accompanied by a photo and where it was selling. Suddenly, they were going into stores with a much better idea about what to do and how to act to improve the store. 

“For shoppers, our engagement went through the roof after we installed iPads in the stores. People instinctively go up to the device and use it to find out-of-stock merchandise or track their loyalty program points. We’ve gotten great feedback.

Relich, which says that Guess? uses an app from Microstrategy to display merchandise visually on the iPads, has been so enthused by the potential of tablets in retail that he thinks they will eventually replace cash registers in years to come. The Guess CIO also urged SMBs to embrace iPads “as soon as possible”.

I would encourage anyone to do it as soon as possible,” said Relich, when asked to give advice to SMBs looking at tablets.

“The devices are relatively affordable and worth the investment. But have a clear plan about what you’re going to do with it and how to best utilize it on the customer service side and merchandising side. Once all that’s in place, I say go for it.”


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