Faster HTML5 apps? Sencha Touch 2.0 upgrades promises speedier mobile performance

March 6, 2012
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If you’re biting your fingernails waiting for the screen the scroll or a button to activate, you may even forget what it is you were trying to do in the first place, wasting more time. 

One potential solution comes from developer tools company Sencha. The company says its latest upgrade, Sencha Touch 2.0, offers mobile developers a way to create speedier HTML 5 apps that can run across a variety of devices from smartphones to tablets. 

“We’ve left no stone unturned in Sencha Touch 2, optimizing scrolling frame rates, layout speed, load time, and even how quickly a button responds to touch,” said Sencha engineering manager Jamie Avins in a blog post today about the release.  

Sencha says it can also help apps simply load faster, going beyond caching and traditional techniques to speed load times. Avins says Sencha 2 says does two things that are key to faster load times, making fewer requests to the Web server and transferring less data that can result in a “stunning improvement in the startup speed” of a web app.

Sencha also says it’s partnered with AT&T to offer Sencha developers  carrier-grade API’s for billing and location services as an alternative to distributing through an app store. 

But the company is also offering a simpler way to gain app store distribution as well. A new Sencha Touch 2 SDK Tools (software development kit) works on both Mac and Windows. 

“It’s a major step forward for developers since your development platform no longer limits your choice of app stores,” says Avins. “For enterprises standardized on Windows, you can use Sencha SDK Tools to package your iOS app as a part of your own internal build process.”

Demos and additional information is available at Sencha’s website


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