Faster typing on iPad? Swiftkey brings out its first iOS predictive typing app

January 31, 2014
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As the company boasts in a blog post

"SwiftKey Note is the fastest way to take notes on iOS. Packed with all the magical prediction power and learning ability that our technology is famous for, the app suggests words as you type that are uniquely tailored to your writing style. It also includes our hallmark next-word predictions, letting you speed through your notes." 

The company also touted a partnership with Evernote, noting that with a single tap, you can enable SwiftKey Note to learn from your archive and backup and sync new notes across devices and to the cloud.

"We’ve worked hard with the folks at Evernote to make the integration really easy and powerful and we’re positive you’ll love it," Swiftkey said. 

The company also said its commitment to Android has "never been stronger" and it continues to develop new features and cross platform capabilities. 

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