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7 Ways to increase tablet security, to ensure data security for your employees and business
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In choosing a tablet, what screen size is right for you?
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The new gratification rules of gamification
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Should you utilize a mobile office for your business?
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Location based technologies, a frenemy of businesses
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March 25, 2015

7 Ways to increase tablet security, to ensure data security for your employees and business

When it comes to BYOD and SYOD, businesses need to ensure the safety and integrity of company data. While most people understand the need for anti-virus, anti-spyware and backup services for their personal desktops, they are ignorant of the potential issues that can arise with their tablets. Here is a list of the top seven ways your company can secure data on employee tablets that are used for business.
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March 21, 2015

In choosing a tablet, what screen size is right for you?

When it comes to tablets, bigger screens are better, right? What screen size is best for you and should you pass the expense along to your company?
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March 4, 2015

The new gratification rules of gamification

While gamification is an excellent strategy for consumers, it can also be a great way to motivate and retain employees.
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February 27, 2015

Should you utilize a mobile office for your business?

A mobile office is a fantastic way to utilize today's technology for managing a business. Leverage flexibility and efficiency with these tools.
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February 20, 2015

Location based technologies, a frenemy of businesses

Don't creep out your customers. Follow these guidelines for properly, legally and securely using location based advertising for your business.
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February 18, 2015

Should Businesses Switch from Tablets to Phablets?

Are tablets dead? Tablet sales have decreased in the last year and more people are turning to phablets. What are the benefits of phablets for businesses?
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February 5, 2015

Is the tablet market in trouble? Q4 2014 numbers were unimpressive

The tablet market experienced poor sales performance in Q4 of 2014, is it too early to claim that the tablet market is in trouble? What went wrong, what is going right?
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November 14, 2014

5 great things you can do with your iPad to make you more productive

While to-do lists and collaboration apps certainly come with their benefits, there's so much you're missing out on if you think that's all the productivity features you'll find in an iPad. Tap into your iPad's full potential with the following tips to make you more productive than ever.

1. Use your iPad as a second screen

Working with a single monitor can be time-consuming for many professionals. With the Air Display 2 app, you can turn your iPad into a second screen. This allows you to do two really cool things. First, you can mirror your desktop or laptop screen (on Mac or Windows) on the iPad. This means that a colleague or family member can watch [...]

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November 10, 2014

iPhone 6 helps iOS grab enterprise share back from Android

Not that Apple ever was seriously threatened, but the second quarter saw Android take two percentage points from iOS for a 32% share of enterprise activations as ranked by Good Technology’s Good Mobility Index. In its newest report released today, Android’s share stands at 29% for the third quarter, while iOS stands at 69%, up from 67% in Q2.

For the sixth consecutive quarter, Windows Phone held a 1% share of mobile activations. 

While the newest iPhones had only been out less than a month when the data was collected, Good says a clear trend is the popularity of the iPhone 6 model accounting for 85% of activations versus the larger and more expensive [...]

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April 28, 2012

The 8 best apps for tablet security

Kaspersky Tablet Security

Kaspersky Tablet Security uses the same underlying anti-virus technology as Kaspersky Mobile Security 9, and promises to scan your Android tablet on demand, offer real-time virus checks on apps, downloads and any attachments via email or instant messaging. The app is optimized for touch-screen Honeycomb (Android 3.0) tablets, and omits phone-centric features like the blocking of unwanted phone calls and text messages.

Download Android [$19.95] Annual license

Avast! Mobile Security for Android

Avast! Mobile Security is a highly-rated Android anti-virus app, which [...]

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