Tablets edge video game consoles as most popular tech gift for kids (Infographic)

by David Needle

December 2 2013

Over half (54%) of all parents surveyed by PBS Kids plan to buy or give a tech item to their children this holiday season. 

Tablets and video game consoles head the list of most popular tech gift items for kids, with tablets the clear winner, favored 28% to 18%.

In total, the number of parents planning to purchase a tablet or a smartphone was more than one-third (36%), according to the PBS KIDS survey of 1,000 US parents with kids between the ages of 2 and 10. The survey was conducted last month by ORCInternational.

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The survey results also had some interesting finding in regards to apps:

  • Six in 10 parents collaborate with their child to select apps, while a third of parents say they make the choice themselves.
  • When selecting games and apps for their children, over half of parents (56%) base their decisions on age recommendations.
  • In addition to educational content, 56% of parents pointed to price and 45% cited characters their kids know and love as important factors when choosing apps.

“There’s a vast and ever-growing population of young children who have ready access to mobile media and, as many parents recognize, that presents an important opportunity to utilize tablets and smartphones to advance children’s learning,” said Lesli Rotenberg, General Manager of Children’s Programming at PBS. “It’s essential that parents think through what kind of apps, online games and video content they make available to their kids.

David Needle is Editor of TabTimes and based in Silicon Valley.
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