Best New Android Tablet Apps: Google unbundles Drive apps, sync notifications, & a revamped CNN

by Derek Walter

May 2 2014

Google Sheets and Docs now have separate apps.
Google Sheets and Docs now have separate apps.

The Android world got a boost in productivity this week with new apps for Google Docs and Sheets.  Another powerful tool, PushBullet, more deeply ties your phone and computer together. Twitter app Fenix shows promise and CNN (finally) creates an Android-native app that looks good on the platform.

Google Docs & Sheets

In an effort to keep pace with Microsoft’s new Office for iPad and Apple’s Pages, Google has released standalone versions of its Docs and Sheets apps (Slides is said to be coming soon). This may be a bit of a learning curve for users, as previously all of the editing was handled within the Google Drive app.

Both new apps work offline, so you can create a new file and sync it back to your Drive when regaining an Internet connection.


PushBullet is a powerful tool that connects your mobile devices and computer more closely. By installing the app on your Android tablet (or phone) and computer all the notifications will appear on the desktop. Additionally, with one click you can push content like images or links directly to your device. Manage notifications from all your Android devices with the app as well.


The Android CNN app long lagged behind its iOS counterpart with a clunky design. The news network has finally remedied this, creating an Android-friendly app that is far more streamlined and easier to read.

The app also includes video clips and live coverage, although of course subject to Internet and cable/satellite provider rules.

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Fenix for Twitter

Twitter power users will appreciate many of the features found in Fenix. The new Twitter app has a slick conversation view, previews images from the timeline and opens a user profile with a single tap.

True geeks will enjoy how Fenix displays which Twitter client a user is sending their tweet from. An in-app browser also makes it faster to switch from a link back to the timeline.

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