FileMaker Go 12 offers free, media-rich database templates for iPad and iPhone

April 4, 2012

FileMaker Go 12 includes templates that give users a range of design options for creating databases to manage contacts, projects, digital content, inventory and other business tasks. 

The 16 Starter Solutions templates include ready-to-use screens that FileMaker says are optimized for the iPad and iPhone. 

“Databases only boost productivity if people genuinely enjoy using them,” said Ryan Rosenberg, VP of marketing and services at FileMaker, in a statement. Added senior product manager, Eric Jacobson, People's expectations of design are changing. Many people who buy FileMaker aren't designers," he said in a briefing with TabTimes. "As we planned this new version, we thought, 'How can we fill that gap?"


One early user, IT and facility manager James Pierson of Rampart Hydro Services, said the new templates have helped him organize data in a consistent manner. 

“The use of FileMaker Go 12 enables us to get timely and consistent data from the field eliminating the hodgepodge of spreadsheets, hard-copy forms, and the odd flap torn off an old cardboard box,” said Pierson. “I love the idea of FileMaker Go specific script steps, making it easier to take advantage of the growing capabilities of iOS.”

On the backend, FileMaker said the new 64-bit versions of FileMaker Server 12 and FileMaker 12 Server Advanced improve performance on wide area networks, enhance support for large databases, and add fast file and multimedia-content streaming.

Among the  new features in FileMaker Pro 12 are Quick Charts, a way to create (as the name implies) on-the-fly graphs from among and five new chart styles: bubble, scatter, positive/negative, stacked bar and stacked column charts.

FileMaker, a subsidiary of Apple, says it’s also improved the way documents and multimedia files can be managed. Enhanced container fields in FileMaker Pro 12 support drag-and-drop to store many file types such as PDFs, video, photos, audio, and documents. WIth FileMaker Pro 12, the company says it’s easier to manage linked files because the program automatically organizes files on disk and can also encrypt them for extra security. 

The new version also speeds access to large files as FileMaker 12 will now automatically generate thumbnails, and, when using FileMaker Server, will stream media files to connected clients.  When running on the iPad or iPhone users can now record video and audio directly into container fields, and can stream out content using AirPlay.


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