Financial Times reboots widely-acclaimed web app for iPhone, iPad and Windows 8

October 2, 2013
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The daily newspaper announced the redesigned site on Wednesday and the changes see the inclusion of a customizable content hub where readers can store previously read articles as well as read new and recommended articles.

The web app also sees the FT improve web navigation and introduce more multimedia content, like videos, hi-res images and embedded images.

The FT famously went with HTML5 after growing disillusioned with Apple’s policy on developer fees and user data and eventually abandoned its iOS app in May of last year. Rob Grimshaw, the FT’s managing director, admitted to TabTimes last year that it was a “bold decision” but said that bigger publishers have the power to barter with Apple and other platforms.

“I don’t think any of the major brands need to be on the Android or Apple stores for people to know they exist. They should certainly be more confident, more ballsy if the app store commercial terms don’t suit them,” he said at the time.


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