Fireproof teases ‘The Room 3′ and hints at another release in 2014

December 30, 2013
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"We have somewhat of an idea about what to do with the world and what it means and where it's coming from and where's it's going. We know more than the player does and it hasn't been revealed yet, really," Meade, Fireproof's commercial director, said in an interview with Pocket Gamer.

The first The Room game was a hit on mobile and tablets in 2012, and Fireproof released The Room 2 to positive reviews this month. TabTimes Games awarded it four out of five stars in our review. But will there be a The Room 3?

"I'd say talk to us next year. I would certainly say that we're not done with The Room universe yet. As to when we'll get back to it, well, that's a different thing," Meade explained. "We basically want to make another game next year, yes. And we're certainly going to investigate doing another The Room game, too. As to whether or not we actually go into production with one, we'll have to wait and see."

What a tease! With all the mysteries hidden in The Room and its sequel, you'd think its developers could at least be a little less clandestine. But I guess that's what we should expect. What do you think? Should Fireproof develop The Room 3 or another game next year?

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