Microsoft says smaller Windows 8 tablets will launch later this year

April 19, 2013

Speaking on an investor call after Microsoft’s latest quarterly earnings report yesterday, Klein revealed that the Redmond firm is working closely with OEMs on a “new suite of small, touch devices powered by Windows”.

The Microsoft exec, who is stepping down from his post in June, said that the models would come to market at “competitive price points” with Microsoft officials adding that the devices “will be available in the coming months”.

This news comes just a week after the Wall Street Journal reported that Microsoft intends to launch a 7-inch Surface tablet at the end of 2013 and also follows the software giant's decision to relax the Windows 8 hardware certification to OEM partners.

That move will enable future Windows 8 tablets with 1024 x 768 resolution displays, a move which could yet herald the introduce of cheaper sub 10-inch Windows slates, while there has also been some talk of these models running Windows Blue, the next version of Windows 8.


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