Want to buy the 32GB Microsoft Surface? That’ll cost you $1,000

July 25, 2012

Swedish website Webhallen.com is advertising the 32GB Microsoft Surface at a pre-order price 6,900 Swedish kronor, and this works out at just under $1,000 – a steep price to pay considering you can pick up a 32GB new iPad for $729. It's also fairly expensive given it is expected to be a WiFi-only tablet.

However, Surface fans need not be too perturbed. Retailers typically start pricing products higher than expected when they first launch, before cutting the price to cater for increasing demand.

Microsoft is yet to announce the official prices for the Surface, which comes in two versions; the ARM-powered Surface (running Windows RT and with 32GB or 64GB of storage) and the Intel-powered Surface Pro, which packs 128GB of memory.

The tablet is expected to launch in October, around the same time as Windows 8 goes live to the general public.


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