Flightdocs’ iPad app helps solve aircraft maintenance issues

October 27, 2011

The Flightdocs Mobile Information Center for iPad allows all flight operations to access and report aircraft maintenance information in real-time, even when the aircraft is in-flight.

The app lets flight crews generate squawks (note problems before or during the flight), order new parts or services before the aircraft lands and even removes the need for paperwork by retrieving maintenance due lists, detailing routine aircraft times, and offering the ability to report aircraft discrepancies.

The app can also be used to check service bulletins or access customer service.

"By integrating the use of the iPad into Flightdocs, our operators will see an immediate reduction in their workload, improved operational efficiency and lower operating costs”, said Rick Heine, president of Flightdocs.

“The in-flight squawk capabilities could save our operators thousands of dollars per incident in troubleshooting alone."

The Mobile Information Center application is now available from the App Store and at no cost to Flightdocs customers.


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